Q1) What is I& PRD department?

Ans:- I& PRD department a channel between the Government and the people of Jharkhand for flow of information. Being entrusted with the job of informing and creating an active interface with the people, the Department of Information and Public Relations has been publicizing the various plans and programmes, the welfare measures and the development activities undertaken by the Government for the welfare of the people.

Q2) what is the basic function of the Information Department?

Ans:- Information Department acts as an intermediary between people and the government. It plays a significant role in communicating pro-people schemes of the State Government to all sections of society.

Q3) what is the function of department?

Ans:- Functions of Information & Public Relations Department

  • Interaction with the press.
  • Issue of press notes bulletins to the press.
  • Review Hindi, English and Urdu newspapers published in the State.
  • Submission of fortnightly confidential report of Government about the policy of Hindi, English and Urdu newspapers published in the State.
  • Visit of press representatives to different areas.
  • Arrangement of press conference.
  • Accreditation of press representatives and issue of certificates.
Q4) what are the media through which Department disseminates the Information?
  • Print media
  • Electronic media
  • Social media
  • Exhibition's
  • Traditional and folk media
Q5) How does the Information Department function?

The department works as a whole to reach out to people, but to make internal working smooth, different branches are classified as under:

  • News and Media Relation Branch
  • Advertisement Branch
  • Film Production Branch
  • Publication Branch
  • Technical Branch
  • Research & Reference Branch
  • Electronic Media Branch