11/05/2023    Empanelled News Papers  
03/01/2023    Empanelled TV Channels  
20/06/2022    Empanelled Radio & FM Channels  
29/03/2022    Empanelled list of Audio-Visual Production Agencies with rate for production of Audio-Visual creatives.  
01/12/2021    Rate Contract for Car Hiring  
11/05/2020    Date Extension of Vendor for Outdoor Advertisement Services  
09/12/2019    L1 rates for printing of Jharkhand diary, telephone directory and table calendar approved by IPRD, Jharkhand  
05/09/2019    Empanelment of Audio Visual Production Agencies  
08/05/2019    Rate of LED Van effective from August 2018  
15/02/2019    Rate for Anchoring, Voice over Dubbing  
25/01/2019    Rate Contract for Bulk SMS Service  
27/12/2018    Rate Contract for Out bound dialling solution  
13/11/2018    List of Empanelled Agencies with Rate for Printing of Brochure, Leaflet, Book & Souvenir etc  
23/04/2018    Approved Vendors list For Outdoor Advertisement  
16/11/2016    Approved Vendors For Printing on Paper & Flex Printing  
12/11/2016    Financial Comparison Statement of LED Display Board Installation  
18/07/2016    L1 rates for various 3 dimensional lenticular printed materials approved by IPRD, Jharkhand  
16/07/2016    L1 rates for various IEC materials approved by IPRD, Jharkhand  
04/07/2016    Publication Rate 2012  
16/01/2014    Rate Card of Film Making