Citizen's Charter on Information and Public Relations Department

The Department of Information and Public Relations has responsibility of disseminating the policies and programmes of the Government to the public. This Charter is a declaration of our mission, values, standards and our commitment to achieve information and implementation of policies for the benefit of the public.

Our Services
  • The Department of Information and Public Relations play an effective role for empowerment of people by providing information through press, publication and advertising.
Press Section
  • Act as a nodal agency of the Government for disseminating information to print/electronic.
  • Initiatives through press releases, photographs, press conference, interviews, press tours.
  • Provides facility to media persons easy access of information from the Government sources.
  • Rationing Government advertisement, both print/ electronic
Publication Section
  • Publishing of books on Jharkhand's art and culture, land and people, biography, flora and fauna e.g. Calendars, Diaries, Monographs.
  • Some of the important journals published by the Department.
Photo and Video Section
  • Prepares photographs both black and white / colour on government programmes for publicity on behalf of the Government.
Field Publicity Section
  • Organises Special Interactive Programmes (SIP) on Government policies and programmes. Publicity Campaigns on Women's empowerment, healthcare, awareness on AIDS and promotion of blood donation also carried out.
Film Division
  • Produces documentaries, short films and news magazines having information, communication and integration. The purpose of this services to involve mass Media Specialist in the Production of film by encouraging Public Private Participation.
Technical Section
  • Provides PA systems for government functions.
  • Equipped for spreading information and screening educational films in remote areas.